"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."


Idiotic Cleric and witness of Kor Haegun, Mooz calls on the power of his worshipful lord to dash his enemies upon the rock of his will. He lives for battle. If a companion has proven themselves in battle he will see to their wounds – for a price. Unfortunately, he has an occasional “Mooz Moment” where all semblance of thought leaves him.


From Milil in Ilyander, Mooz grew up as a blacksmith’s apprentice under his father. Upon his fathers death, Mooz became the town’s blacksmith for a time until he was hounded out of town by the townsfolk for being abnormally stupid. After wondering lost for a time, Mooz found himself employed as an enforcer for an Ilyander gang, which his blacksmith’s physique served perfectly for. After becoming seperated from his gang in a busy city, and forgetting where he had been, Mooz found himself on the wander again. Eventually, after many a day of wanderment, Mooz found the Torchmen and joined with them. Since then, he has become a devoted Witness of Kor Haegun, and though he is not very smart, he is personable and devoted to battle, wielding blade and spells as a battle cleric.

This entry recorded by an Unnamed third party, learned through many scattered clumps of statements from Mooz, as he cannot write.


Torchmen of the Dwimordelve Summation