Pervince Bangbottom


Level 3

14 Str
16 Agi
07 Sta
10 Per
07 Int
14 Luck

06 HP

Height: 2’1"
Width: 1’5"


Fey, as they exist in their realm, live as a sort of spiritual embryo, their spectral incarnations resembling that of a brilliantly shimmering egg-like sphere. It was so for Pimpernell and Pervince Bangbottom before they were Pimpernell and Pervince Bangbottom, but with one peculiarity; they co-existed in one spiritual vessel. The fey equivelant of twins, these gemini watched the physical realm closely in awe of the many wonders that their own existence did not offer.

It was Pimpernell’s fault. He’s responsible for the separate physical forms the brothers now inhabit. His lust for lusty things…his desire for human and dwarven women alike was strong enough to bring not only himself, but also his twin into physical manifestation. His massive ego overshadowing his diminutive stature, “Pimp” employs charming wiles in the pursuit of his “gentlemanly cause”, but more often than not comes up short (occasionally sporting a black eye or two).

Pervince, often called “Perv”, isn’t nearly as strong willed as his brother. Neither does he share Pimpernell’s desire for women, nor his charm and confidence. In fact, Pervince’s name itself was proffered upon him by Pimpernell. Miserly and cautious in demeanor, Pervince instead harbors a love of shiny valuables such as gold, silver and gems.

Though socially stunted, Pervince’s pursuit of wealth drives him to plotting schemes and adventures alike, while his sophisticated twin tags along perchance any damsels need comforting. Not wanting to soil “the hands of a gentleman” however, Pimpernell’s adventuring typically goes no further than lugging around sacks of treasure and hiding in the shadows.

Pervince Bangbottom

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