House Rules

Character Death:
Characters remain standing until reduced to 0 or less HP, at which point they are considered incapacitated. If reduced to negative HP, they receive an additional critical hit. If a character ever reaches negative HP equal to their Stamina, they die.
Incapacitated characters must be either healed magically, or bandaged (with a 10+ Intelligence check) within a number of turns equal to their level. The -1 Stamina penalty described under Bleeding Out resets each day. Note that the Recovering the Body rules do apply as written.
Experience Gain:
Experience points directly correlate to GP spent, in addition to each monster being worth 100xp per hit die (shared amongst the party). Please track both during game play. Ways in which GP may be spent for experience are as follows:

Purchasing items from NPCs:
This is just like it sounds.

Spending GP at a Trainer:
Provides double experience per GP spent. A trainer must be found and can only train one character at a time. Players can train other players, but only if their character is twice that character’s level.

Provides double experience per GP spent. The more money spent carousing, the greater the chance that something terrible happens to you.

Depositing GP towards the Guild Bank:
Deposited money may be spent to level up new characters as they are created, put towards larger purchases (structures, vehicles, etc.) or donated to the Guild to maintain it and ensure that it provides desired functions.
Armor Max AGI Bonuses
Studded Leather/Hide: +4
Scale: +3
Chainmail: +2
Banded: +1
Half/Full Plate: 0

Character Creation:
After surviving the 0-level funnel, players may create a single character at level 1. All characters must be played at least one session before being retired. Obvious attempts at suicide will be met with disdain and sour looks.

Game Time vs. Real Time
Downtime between sessions is in real time; if 1 week has passed since the last session, 1 week has passed in the game world. Those who set their characters up to be productive during downtime will have a good chance of reaping modest rewards.

Bardic Tales:
Any player can contribute to the Adventure Log to help keep a log of past adventures, representing your character spreading tales of their exploits. Doing so provides two benefits: 10d12 gold and greater recognition in the world. Npcs may even start referring to the party as “your party”…
Guild Functions:
Guild Charter, executive fee: 100 GP, monthly. Maintain operation of Guild.
Guild membership: 30 GP, monthly. Room/Board/Storage/Bank Access
Guild Information: Maps and Information gained by an entire party is accessible to all other guild members.
Hirelings: 10 GP while “on call”. Hireling costs may vary with the Hireling.
Guildhall Guards: 100 GP, monthly (level 0). Higher level guards may be purchased at additional 100 GP per level. Guards must be lower level than the highest level Guild member.

Overland Camping:
When you make camp, make a luck throw.

Add +4 if your character has experience with that terrain… characters may only be experienced with 1 type of terrain unless they are a hunter/elf.
The DM may impose penalties if you do not possess adventuring gear suitable to the environment, or for other circumstances as they see fit.

If you score 7+, mark off a ration. You make camp with a functioning fire and relative security.

If you score an 18+, mark off a ration. In addition, you may choose one thing from the following list:

  • You successfully foraged for fruits/nuts/vegetables throughout the day. You feed 1d6 people. Those people do not need to mark off a ration.
  • You helped to build camp in a safer location. The odds of a random encounter decrease by 1/3.
  • You found a comfy area to sleep. You recover 1 hit point despite not having a full day of rest in reasonably sanitary conditions. This option may only be selected if there is a campfire.
  • You found a good perch to keep an eye out for anything moving near your camp. Gain a +1 to any surprise rolls during your watch.

If you score 6 or below, mark off a ration. You make a functioning fire and relative security. In addition, the DM will roll from a list of his own.

House Rules

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