Tales from The Lost Bard

Saltmarsh Awash!
The northern storm continues unabated over Othun’s Folly, driving the marshlanders southward with tales of an alien intelligence now awoken from its dark slumber. Survivors believe that Mayor Avertin led a few evacuees into the swamp, but fear for their deliverance.
(Session 26)

A Torchman in Trouble
According to the gnomish partners Chalk and Nudge, one of the outcast Torchmen has been inflicted with a curse from the so-called “Lord of Eyes”. Poor sod was overheard talking about trying to get within Modnar’s Tower in hopes of curing the curse. Too bad the Baron has his giants guarding it; wonder why?
(Session 21)

Seeking for Sniv
Teams of kobolds up from the Korners have been sighted up in The Yard with nets and traps. “On orders from the Trustee” they say…
(Session 21)

Wanted: The Crowlord
Harvuhl Crowfist, leader of a host of savage barbarians, descends upon the northern outskirts of Mercantium. Thankfully, the famine should provide little reason for them to stay, and with luck, they will carry on south so that he and the Stag Lord might destroy one another.
(Session 21)

Wanted: Feld’s Five
Rejected from the The Ghost Beggars, Feld and his fellows spent most of their time in Skara Brae drinking when not otherwise engaged in petty theft. That all changed when they encountered Marvin Haulminster and his fellow Torchmen at The Cudgel. After waking up from a sleep spell cast during the ensuing altercation, Feld found that the tavern’s owner and patrons were still fast asleep. Seizing the opportunity, Feld robbed the place and killed the owner after he awoke while the gang was making off with his daughter, Senna. Rumor has it that they have been spotted in Greygrove, near the remains of Modnar’s Tower.
(Session 5)

The Missing Manifest Stone
Revello and Omnir the Omniscient, two members of The Archon Club, are seeking a Manifest Stone once possessed by their missing associate Modnar the Marvelous. The Torchmen Guild now believe the artifact to be in the possession of the kobold Trustee Sniv in Kobold Korners.
(Session 6)

The Baron is Building
Massive pedestals have been placed throughout Skara Brae: two in Temple Square, one at each outer gate and four in the courtyard around The Baron’s Manse. Atop these statues now rest massive iron statues; ominous, they now look out over the streets that grow emptier by the day.
(Session 18)

The Taxman Cometh
The Divine Collectorate (see Mercantium) is in town. Lord Collector Zacchaeus is gathering gold tithes from the sanctioned priests in Temple Square, as well as blood tithes from those believed to worship one of The Strangers or deities from within the Rogue Pantheon.
(Session 10)

Silence from Barrowtown
A heavy mist has set over the vale of kings and no soul who has entered these past few months has yet returned. The Eternal Brotherhood claim the vale has become a refuge for the undead and make ready to leave Skara Brae for its haunted borders. Yet, what has happened to the folk of Barrowtown, or to the merchant caravans that have not returned?
(Session 12)

New Neighbors
A colony of dwarves, heavily armed and armored, arrived in The Yard outside of Stonehell months ago. The dwarves claimed to hail from the fabled dwarven city of Est’Ornadunn, but they have since gone missing… seemingly victims of a magical siren song that has lured them into Stonehell one by one.
(Session 18)

Watching Wiergan
Inn-keeps mutter that food prices are rising steeply thanks to ruined crops in the farmland south of Othun’s Folly. Radish seller Harver Fen believes an old Hermit is responsible: Wiergan of the Wood.

Tales from The Lost Bard

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