Torchmen of the Dwimordelve

Contested Corridors, pt. 1

It was another normal morning like any other. We were all asleep, Diego was keeping watch. Out from the hills he heard the sound of a flute being played, all of a sudden his feet started to dance, he was not able to control himself. Soon Tobyn appeared playing this magical flute. Behind him was a strange looking jackalope, whose name was Henry. When he entered the cave playing the flute we were all dancing wildly without any control! My Halfling friend Pervince, immediately saw the value of such a magical flute, and traded the boy for it.

Tobyn mentioned he saw Hagatha walk into Stonehell. Isn’t she dead? We gathered up our belongings and headed off to Stonehell again in search of riches. On our way to Kobold Corner, we saw a strange hairy ball roll across the floor. We did not think much of it, but some time later, this ball bumped into Goatboot’s boot. He picked it up, and Tobyn recognized it as Hagatha’s head! Even though the head was detached from her body, it still looked around at all of us as if it she were still alive! Goatboot tied Hagatha’s head to the end of his staff (like a madman) and we continued on our way.

We made our way back to the incineration room that we helped make so deadly on an adventure prior. We covered our eyes, and felt our way across the edges of the room, taking extra caution not to step too close towards the center. As we left that room, we heard some jabbering, and screams of what sounded like a horse. We got within viewing distance to see a group of goblins dismembering a pony that was tied up. Jackknife was the first to initiate battle with these wicked creatures. He summoned a magic missile the likes of which I’ve never seen: a black beam of light manifested from his hand as two more soared up in the air and dove at their target, blowing the goblin captain to oblivion! The helmet of the captain rolled to the ground, sending a few of the nearby goblins into a frenzy for the “crown”. Needless to say we slew most of the goblins with relative ease, save two of the devils who boasted speed and awareness like I’ve not seen. They bounced around the room from, hands to feet, as if they’d been fighting their entire lives. One ran off before we could react, while the other was somehow able to nimbly bounce around all of our blows before back-flipping out of sight.

After the battle we noticed a few sacks on the ground. Opening them up, we found a strange fellow with an even stranger way of talking. At his side was a gnome, who seemed to be his companion, and surly looking orc. The orc claimed his tribe (the Open Sores) would be able to help us find Kobold Korners. We joined him, but with caution; this orc’s tribe was the same that Goatboot had goaded into combat in the week past. The man and his gnome agreed to join us as they were lacking protection or equipment of their own. At the request of the group, Goatboot wrapped himself in a cloak and set his walking stick out of the hole where one would put their head, appearing as if Hagatha was with us. Goatboot would be safe from recognition.

As we approached the Open Sore tribe’s camp, the orcs tried to strip us of all our weapons. Only the halflings, the ones the orcs believed to be children, were able to hold our weapons. When the orcs asked for a leader of our group, Jackknife stepped forward, but quickly shied away upon realizing that he was being called forth for combat. Coward. I bodly stepped forward to face this challenge.

As one of the orcs was giving the details of combat, I turned around to face an ugly gargantuan of an orc putting on plate mail. It was evident that I was meant to face this monster. As the rules of combat were being explained to me, I notched an arrow and let it fly. Swift and true, my arrow met its mark. It hit the behemoth square between the eyes, killing him instantly. All of the other orcs trembled in fear as I was invited into the tent of Orchimedes. Before entering the tent, I strode over to the dead orc and pulled my arrow out of his skull. I wiped the arrow tip off with my shirt and put it back in my quiver.

Inside the tent, Orchimedes told of a great guardian that watched over the entrance to Kobold Korners. It would be foolish to enter according to his account.

Instead he made a proposition. He wanted us to enter the goblin tribe’s territory and kill their Lord of Eyes, a recently established benefactor of sorts. This Lord of Eyes was said to be supplying the goblins with strange magics. Orchimedes seemed to believe that killing the Lord of Eyes would not only give the orcs the upper hand over the goblins, but also grant us access to Kobold Korners.

We were given Orchimedes’ word that the tribe escort us to the lair of the goblins. I accepted these terms on behalf of my friends. Orchimedes offered me a few bits of advice, one in particular standing out: “Trust your strength.” I exited the tent and returned to my fellows for the evening’s activities. For the orcs, it was time to celebrate. It was time to rut.




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